I Love You

 At our Hospice of Haines board meeting this week we passed the tissues. Vince began the meeting with a prayer, and asked that we keep Mary Miles in our hearts as her husband had suddenly died. Nancy said grieving is hard, and you never really get over losing someone, you just adjust to life without them.  Beth told us she loved the board. At choir practice last night she said, "I can't believe I told the board I love them." She said we all must think she's crazy. I told her not all.  I love her too.When someone dies, the only good thing, it seems, that comes of it, is that we are all nicer to each other. We want to make sure that if anything happened to us, the people we care about would know how much we love them. I think most of us do this with our family and close friends all the time. But we sometimes forget how much the people we serve on boards with, or sit by at basketball games, or buy groceries from and get the mail from mean to us. (Can you an imagine a borough assembly or school board meeting  where the public testimony is 'I love you guys." ? It would be true, though, wouldn't it?) When I was hurt 5 1/2 years ago, everyone in town, it seems, sent me cards. They helped heal me as well as any of the treatments, especially in those first touch-and-go days at the hospital. All that love made me strong. I still have a huge box filled with them in my closet. I can't throw them away. 


On a lighter note, (I hope ) there are home games tonight, the Glacier Bear boys take on the Craig Panthers. Also, yesterday I finally did my PFD on-line. It was fun to "Pick, Click & Give" part of it away to Haines non-profits, like Hospice.  It is easy to do, and made me feel a little like Melinda Gates. It is also another way to say you care about the people who do good things here. 



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