Alaskans Gone Wild for Elvis and Pigs

I'm trying to decide which adventure I'd rather be on right now, Joanie and Sammy's pilgrimage to Graceland, (Sammy is a special needs adult and Joanie is a caregiving friend)  or my husband and Roger's wild boar hunt in California with John. (John is a Tlingit bear hunting guide who says he shot  a California pig once.  Chip and Roger never have hunted there.) I have a feeling both expeditions will return with stories of adventures that only Alaskans can have out in the wider world. At the basketball game the other night, Sammy told me he will be  staying in the Heartbreak Hotel, and sang a few lines of the song. Before the hopeful hunters boarded the ferry yesterday, John asked Chip if he thought they could put a field dressed pig in a hotel bathtub. When everyone gets home we should have a party and serve peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. (Aren't they an Elvis favorite?)



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