Packing Panic Attack

Here's the news: no puppies yet for Windsor and Stikine, Debra and Anne Marie's Labs. Or at least not that I know of, but come to think of it neither Debra nor Anne Marie were at Morning Muscles. Maybe Stikine is giving birth as I write this. Debra did say last night that the vet is in town, and she told Anne Marie to take Stikine's temperature, if it dropped the puppies were on their way. When I was having my babies I'm pretty sure mine went up. Debra called, as I was packing for a trip. I was trying to stuff clothes for a week in Florida and New York, as well the overnights on either end in Juneau in carry-on. My biggest problem is size ten feet. My shoes take up half the suitcase and I am wearing the boots and the down coat. Also, I can't just wedge everything in since the reason for the trip is my dad- Papa Bob’s retirement party which will be fancy. (He's 77 and wants to spend more time sky diving.) On the way I'm visiting my mother-in-law in Florida. Of course I'm bringing running clothes-- and shoes. Debra said to tie them to the suitcase.  She also said that she thinks this whole carry-on travel thing may be a ploy to spur the economy. The only solution to tiny suitcases is that you have to buy stuff when you get there, and then leave it where you picked it up. Maybe they should have consignment shops in airports. All of which has nothing to do with puppies except that my temperature goes up just thinking about leaving home. Wish me luck. I'll try to write. 

Honestly, would you want to leave home if this is where you lived?



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