Here Comes the Sun, and the Gold is in the Ratings

It's been two weeks since I've attended Morning Muscles, what with traveling and the flu that's been going around keeping our flexible and fit instructor Marnie bed bound-- but the good news is that it was light when we finished at seven, so I left the car at the lumberyard and walked home. (I figure it will be a good excuse to walk again later.) It 's easy to see why ancient civilizations believed in sun Gods. In February I do, too.  It pulls you outdoors like a magnet. This morning, before class started, we were talking about Gold Rush Alaska, and the last episode, where Jack said they were just a bucket of dirt away from "at least six million dollars in gold." Nancy joked that was why Sarah was leaving as director of the animal rescue kennel, so she could go strike it rich. Sarah laughed. A man from Iowa emailed me yesterday and wanted to know how he could get started in the mining business in Haines.  I think I'll tell him that if there were millions of dollars in gold nearby, (heck thousands even) we'd all be out there digging in the dirt, and we are not. There is really only one working mine in Haines right now, and that's John Schnabel's and he'd be the first to tell you it is his working hobby. He figures he's successful the years he doesn't lose money looking for gold,  anything else is a pleasant surprise.  For Gold Rush Alaska, the real gold is in the ratings. 


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