Sunday's Thought

I received a letter this week from Berkshire, England. It was addressed "Mrs. Heather Lende, (I'm sure this will reach you!) Haines, Alaska U.S.A. When I told  my friend Debra that I was so pleased that our small-town post office had delivered it without my PO box number or even the zip code for Haines, she said, "Actually, a whole lot of people made the decision to pass it on." Any place on the letter's route one postal worker (foreign or domestic) could have returned it to the sender. But they didn't, instead he or she smiled and passed it on. The letter could have been something terribly important, a long lost relative making a connection or an old friend in need. It wasn't. It was a fan letter from a woman in England who likes my stories about Alaska. The thing is, by reading them, she had faith that the whole world has the potential to be a small-town, and she's right. The much publicized case about Alaska state representative Sharon Cissna this week, refusing an invasive pat-down by a TSA worker in Seattle as she had recently undergone a  mastectomy, and who was not allowed to take a plane home and had to travel back to Juneau by ferry, is the perfect example. One compassionate person could have done the right thing and changed that story for the better. I had another fan letter this week, from a man down south. He said he would be posting Father Blaney's wise words over his desk to remind him of what is important in life. Father says that when we get to heaven, St. Peter will ask one question, "Have you been good to God's people?" If the answer is yes, he says, "Then you've got it made."


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