From the Mail Bag

I've been getting a lot of mail lately, and it always makes me smile, here's a sampler:


It has even been windy out here at Bug lake! My outhouse door was ripped off  

the hinges a few nights ago and all I can say is that I was sure glad I was  

not in it at the time.


In response to your Life Lessons "Cleaning House" article in Woman's Day, you  

were saving all those jars of cream of tartar for a reason, you just didn't  

know it. You can make a paste of cream of tartar and white vinegar. It easily  

cleans burned-on gunk from baking pans and glass cooktops, and rinses clean!  

Not toxic!


A friend passed along her Country Living Mag to me and I found your skating  

article....then your blog info. Here I am! I believe there are no  

coincidences in life. I have had my eye on Homer, Alaska and have always  

wanted to visit with thoughts of perhaps retiring there. I have done quite a  

bit of research.  Am I nuts? I am 58 and single! 


I read "Sunday's Thought" & had to smile.  When I was a child, I grew up in  

very rural northern Wisconsin (actually still here 50 yrs later), but my mom  

had a knack for using a humorous return address from time to time - making  

different references either to our horse farm, small as it was, or to their  

hunting prowess or dad's arrowsmithing.  One particular time I remember,  

she'd sent a Christmas card to hunting buddies out in Oregon, never giving a  

thought to whether or not they had our actual mailing address.  One day a  

letter arrived, and all we could do was laugh....and marvel at the various  

post offices along the way.  Firstly, it was confusing enough to explain to  

people we actually lived in Wisconsin, even though we had a Minnesota address  

(that was the closest post office, in a "town" of 35 people), but the letter  

arrived addressed exactly as mom had written the return address:

The Varmints

Bulls Gap 55048

There was no "Bulls Gap"...but the letter arrived, nonetheless.

Just wanted to share!





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