Basketball Days

If you haven't heard Doug Olerud call a basketball game, you really should. He is terrific. Doug announced the Haines Boys' game last night from Juneau. KHNS time delayed it, which was too bad, as many fans missed Doug and instead turned to the live webcast from Juneau-Douglas High School. I peeked at it, but waited to hear the game on the radio. It's so much better. The boys scrambled to within five points of Petersburg in the last two minutes, before slipping back, I think, about ten points. Doug and the  boys will be on the radio at 10:00 (It was supposed to be at 8:30, but was changed)  this morning, and tonight at about seven he'll call the girls' game.  The Lady Glacier Bears won their first game, and are hoping to get to the state tournament for the first time in, I think, at least 18 years. They have been playing well, so keep your fingers (and toes) crossed.  Also, for those of you following our cold weather, the ferry was canceled again yesterday, for the third time in a week-- not the light fast ferry, but the sturdy little Aurora. Luckily, the teams made it to Juneau, through 70 knot gusts on the mighty Malispina. I just heard Dan reading the weather report on the radio, as he said, "Saturday, north storm force winds to 60 knots..." my husband laughed from up in the shower where he has the radio on. Well, at least we still have a sense of humor about all of this.


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