Basketball and Life

It was hard to listen to the Glacier Bear girls' game last night, poor Chip, I kept hollering at the radio. First they were down, then tied, then up, then down, then tied, then up, then tied, then down and at the buzzer Craig was up by four points and won the game. Ugh. The girls are still in contention for a trip to the state championships in Anchorage, they'll play the loser of the Craig-Sitka game for second place if they beat Wrangell at 11:50 this morning and if they win again tomorrow morning at 8am. It will be a hard row to hoe, but it is possible. Listen to the games on KHNS. (The Boys are still alive in the losers bracket as well, they play today, too.) It's not that I will care about the team-- the players and the coaches (my son-in-law) and the parents and grandparents watching the games-- more if they win. I love them anyway. Of course I know winning isn't everything. I've been in enough games myself to understand that sometimes you play great and still lose. But you know, it is so much more fun to do your best and win. And for the Glacier Bear girls, it would be wonderful for them to play in the state tournament, not just for this team, but for next year's and the year after that. Making it to the tournament opens up a whole new world, and allows them to see other young female athletes just like them who are amazing. It raises their expectations and that helps keep our girls healthy and active all year long. Once they see the level of play at state, they'll be running and shooting from the end of this season until the beginning of next. The ultimate success of a high school team is that it keeps our girls safe and fit, and teaches them much-- about themselves, and about the way the world works -- the clock is running, respect the refs,  pay attention, practice makes perfect, hard work pays off,  and you can't do everything all by yourself and need to make a team out of the people around you--  And a trip to the state enforces all of that. Sure it can happen (and certainly does) without it, but there is still nothing quite like it.  I know, I can't help myself. I'm a fan. Which is why I'll be listening at 11:50. Go Bears.


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