Some News

The girls basketball team didn't make it to state, but they played  a great game against Petersburg to play Sitka, which they lost, ending up third in the region. The Lady Glacier Bears stayed with the Lady Wolves through the half, but ran out of steam in the third quarter. Still, the games were wonderful to watch and listen too. Doug Olerud is great. My son-in-law is the coach, and yesterday I heard my husband on the phone with him and daughter Sarah. "It was a successful season," Chip said. "You did a great job with the girls." Sometimes success isn't measured by going to a state championship, mostly, it will come years from now, when they remember something they learned in the attempt to get there. Those little, anonymous victories of the soul stay with a person longer than old trophies that end up in the trash, or maybe the Hospice rummage sale. The first rummage sale committee meeting is tomorrow at 2:30 at the ANB Hall. It takes a lot of organizing to move this town's stuff. (Start cleaning your closets now.) Tomorrow is Shrove or "Fat" Tuesday, and we are hosting the church pancake supper at our house, luckily we have plenty of pork sausage, thanks to Chip's California wild boar hunt, and a lot of black bear sausage thanks to the last spring's hunt, too. (He also still has plenty of California poison oak on both arms.) Easter is late this year-- the end of April, which seems a little unfair. Winter has been long enough already, and the last forty days have felt like Lent. We sang our last alleluias and had chocolate frosted toffee bars after church yesterday, but Leah didn't stay for the treats and coffee,  she and her husband were headed to 33-Mile Roadhouse for "a last burger." She said the new owners take over today, and she doubted anyone would ever make a black bean burger (she's a vegetarian) or pies as good as Kathy Lapp did. In other news, Nancy's noon yoga classes begin again today, at the Chilkat Center dance studio. The class for beginners and less confident bend and stretchers, meets at 12 Monday and Thursday for four weeks, and you probably have heard that Jessica Edwards and Andy Hedden had a baby girl, Sophia, and all are well. Sadly, in that big old wheel of life turning way, Tom told me last night that I have an obituary this week, as Roger Potter passed away yesterday of  renal failure, in Anchorage. He was a gentle, sweet man. 


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