Shark Update

Well, as you can imagine there was high excitement on the beach yesterday ( and lots of spring sunshine ) what with a shark and all. Bears, moose, wolves, coyotes, seals, sea-lions, hawks, eagles-- these are all normal visitors, but a shark? Turns out it was a pacific sleeper shark that was up here eating those little squid that showed up on the big winds last week, and apparently was new to the area and didn't realized the inlet in front of our house is a mud flat when the tide ebbs. My neighbor Gabe, a photographer, posted these pictures of the fatal beaching.  He was walking on the beach and caught the drama on film. Chip tied it off to a rock so the tide wouldn't sweep it away, and Mario and his outdoor ecology class were able to come by and cut the shark open and take a look inside. There are photos at the watershed council site.  I think maybe it should be set loose now, as today promises to be sunny and warm, and well, there are a lot of shark innards exposed to the air that could get pretty ripe, and lord knows how you get shark stink out of a dog that has rolled in it. In other news, I'll be talking a the museum at noon today, about writing and life, and anything whoever is there would like me to. I'll probably read a few things as well, so maybe I'll see you there?


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