Small World Wonders

It's spring break at the school this week and the Haines Venturer Scouts are in Ecuador climbing mountains and riding bikes.  Their last big trip was to Africa where they climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. (For a small out of the way place, we sure get around.) Nancy Nash was back at choir practice Thursday night after a few weeks in Thailand to visit her daughter who works for the state department in Bangkok.  She was full of stories about the trip, but the big one was that on the way home her jet landed in  Tokyo just after earthquake. About  a month ago, one of the sopranos, Jerrie Clarke, was in Egypt on an archeological dig when the revolution began, and she was shuttled out of the country with other Americans on a jet chartered by the US government. Then, last night we had Dr. Greg Higgins over for supper, and he was telling us about where he's been this winter: in Tanzania running an orphanage for about 35 children. It gets better. Dr. Greg met the African man he now directs the orphanage with while he was chaperoning the Venturer Scouts on their Africa trip. It is amazing how we humans keep bumping into each other on this old merry-go-round of a planet, and how all of us are more similar than we are different. You'd think we could find better ways to solve our conflicts than drop bombs. You'd think.



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