Keep Your Chin Up

I don't think you could have fit another person in the school last night for the Haines People for Peace Japan disaster relief fundraiser - billed as a modest Japanese dinner with immodest desserts- (available through an auction). The meal, a traditional chicken and egg stew with rice and miso-tofu soup was not modest at all. It was really good. The organizers and cooks, the crew from Mosey's Mexican Cantina and the People for Peace group, did a great job. When I saw the line down the hall, I figured we would make a donation, stay and visit a little, and then go home to eat. Not so. There was enough leftover that the delicious soup is available at Mountain Market today for a donations. I bet they have those little cards too, the Japanese-English cheat sheets the organizers printed up so that we could send notes to our Japanese neighbors in their language. I chose to copy what looked like the simplest characters, and just hope my letters don't spell something inappropriate. I'm also thinking how we always say that in Haines we may fight over lots of things at Borough Assembly meetings, well lately it's just one thing-  helicopters-- and we could keep that one up for years-- but that when it comes to a tragedy we band together. Last night was like that, except different. We weren't gathering to help one of our own. We were sending good will and money across the sea to families we don't even know and couldn't talk to if we met them. It was like those big funeral potlucks without the crushing grief.  It was more of a celebration of what we have, and hold dear, and how that is so fragile in this world of quakes and storms and disasters. It was as if we were saying let's be grateful -aren't we lucky-- let's share what we have with people who have lost so much. 




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