Ellen's Story

If you can't get a subscription to the Chilkat Valley News, which I'd suggest, since a paper is best read in your hands and used later for fire starter or house breaking puppies, you may read the obituary I wrote (and Tom Morphet edited for brevity, it was an 8 pager this week-- and his style-- as in mostly AP so no-editorializing) for Haines' librarian Ellen Borders here. Read the rest of the local news while you are there.  To have the CVN mailed to your house, email cvn@chilkatvalleynews.com  or call the paper office at 907-766-2688. Also, I hope you like the new look on the website, many thanks to designer, neighbor, and friend James Alborough for making it happen. (James is on the library board with me, and loved Ellen as we all did, so there is that connection as well.)


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