Namaste (The divine in you meets the divine in me today)

 So, I saw Lee as I was leaving the grocery store, and he said, "I thought of you today." And I said thank you. I thought he had meant he thought of me today because it's April 7, the sixth anniversary of the accident when I was run over by a truck. (My children sent notes this morning saying they loved me, which doesn't happen every day.) Anyway, Lee said, " I was standing on Main Street and I heard a skill saw whining over at the Hammer Museum, and Ralph was grinding the grader on the dirt road behind the ANB Hall, and then the wind was whipping up all the dust and tearing the pussy willows right off the branches and all to pieces, and I said, 'ah, the sounds of  spring.'" He thought I should share that with you, and I have. I saw Susan at the store too, and she asked what I have been doing lately that I'm so busy I can't blog. Nothing, really. I mean, the usual. And I confessed that I couldn't blog today without mentioning the accident, but at the same time I'd rather not. She said, "just go home and type that you saw Susan in the grocery store buying tomatoes." I didn't want to tell her that would not really be news, or all that meaningful, in the grand scheme of things. But this is: Susan works for Lynn Canal Mental Health services, and can recognize when a person may need them, and what with the accident and all, we had a little chat about the value of counseling, and how some people think it's just for crazy people, when actually, it is better to think of  the way we do say, a massage, or yoga. Counseling stretches and comforts the heart and the mind. Which, when you think about, happens every time you go to the grocery store and say hello to old friends who are thinking of you. It is the difference between  on-line friends and living, breathing communities. 

As to what's up this weekend in Haines, KHNS has their wine tasting fundraiser at the Chilkat Center Lobby Friday evening, and Saturday afternoon at 1:00 PM in the Chilkat Center theater there will be a memorial service for Ellen Borders. There are cards at the library front desk if you'd like to leave Ralph a note about what Ellen meant to you.  They will be strung and wrapped in the boughs of a tree that will be at the service and planted in his backyard later this spring.

Finally, thank you to everyone who saved my life six years ago, the anonymous friends who prayed and thought good thoughts, and the workers who actually picked me up and put me back together -- Fireman Al, Travis Reid and the other Haines EMTs, the SEARHC clinic staff, medevac crew, Harborview Medical Center and Dr. Chip Routt and Dr. Joe Conflitti-- and then everyone who sent cards, cooked, built wheel chair ramps and cared for my family, especially Linnus, Mario, and Melina. (And of course Chip and the family and Betty) Cold wind and blowing dirt aside, today is a good day to be alive. As the woman who got me back on my feet again, Dr. Marnie Hartman, said at the close of Morning Muscles at 7:00am this morning,"happy Thursday." Heck, happy every day. Thank you for making sure I'm still here. Namaste.



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