April Fooling

This morning something jammed in the KHNS radio automation system, so we heard last Friday's April Fool's Day stories. The one about a new Alaska reality show called "Green Necks" really had me going, all over again. The joke was that logger Scott Rossman and clean water activist Gershon Cohen would trade places for the show. Scott would eat tofu and Gershon would eat meat. It seemed more believable than the new program "Mounted Alaska" about a taxidermist. (Honest, that is a real TV show.)In other news, the intrepid Haines Venturer scouts are back from a mountain climbing trip in Ecuador and have begun fund raising for their next trip. (They've been to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, too.) Leader Greg Podsiki is confident that the kids can raise the airfare to the moon on the new private space shuttle,  although it might take a few years.

In real news,  Chip has seen some sleepy bears with cubs crawling out of dens across the river, there were Killer Whales in the inlet yesterday and Luck Dunbar is once again  organizing the annual Big Air snowboard contest in memory of Olen Nash this weekend. Volunteers will make the jump on Saturday up by Three Guardsmen in the Chilkat Pass, if you'd like to help call him or just show up. The event begins Sunday at noon. Next week is National Library Week, which means fines are forgiven at the Haines library, and the Friends have their annual membership meeting Tuesday at 6:30, with wildlife slides by Ron Horn afterward. Don't miss that, and be sure to join the Friends today. They do so much to make the library, and thus Haines, a great place to be.








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