April Showers

 It was something to look and see this when I woke up Monday morning, especially after such a sunny Sunday evening.

But we all know that snow can fall in any month, and snow in April is common. The good news is that winter snow and spring snow have completely different attitudes. In the spring, especially when the grass is already greening up, snow is a fun surprise, something to brag about. To tell the truth, a big old blizzard would not have been unwelcome. We would have been able to talk about it all summer, and no doubt each April, forever. Which may be why tonight we are cooking hotdogs on the beach for a friend's birthday. She wants to do it even more so now, because of the snow. I think she was even hoping the snow would stick until suppertime, but I'm afraid it has all turned to puddles. The sun and wind have taken it all away, but thankfully left the yard and shore a little cleaner, and a little brighter, it seems, for the unexpected whitening.


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