Enjoying the Passage of Time

 For Debra's 59th birthday she said she wanted to eat hot dogs cooked over a fire on the beach. She didn't think a lot of other people would be too thrilled about sitting on a potentially cold and windy April beach, so planned to make it fairly loose. You know, "stop be the fire pit down by the old Baha'i Center at five" kind of thing. "Bring hot dogs and a stick."I suggested our beach, since there is a support house with a bathroom and utensils and such, also we have dry firewood on the porch should the driftwood be soggy. It wasn't my party, exactly, and it was pretty impromptu, and frankly, since it had snowed, and then rained, I figured it wouldn't happen. (So please don't feel bad if you missed it.) Debra was not to be swayed. So we gathered, the newspaper staff, friends, family ( even mom Erma came down. We got her a chair so didn't have to sit on a damp bench), dogs. "The good news," someone said, "is that there are no bugs."  I went to bed about 9:30 but Debra and a handful of other folks stayed by the fire until it died down and made it too cold to sit. (And too wet, by then the rain had started falling a little harder, and it soon turned to snow, again.) But I heard their voices through the bedroom window, and was glad. I have known many of these people, including Debra, for nearly thirty years now. We have shared more than birthdays. The evening before, Stormin' Norman held his annual Hawaiian themed birthday party at the Fireweed Restaurant. Stuart bought me a beer. I noticed he's getting some gray in his beard. He and and his wife are having a baby this summer. I coached Stuart when he was a teenager, and he's 33 now. I am so happy to be part of his adult world. All this is to say, that James Taylor is right (and I'm sure Debra would agree) that the secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. 

In other news, this morning at ten I'll be on "Talk of Alaska" with an Anchorage poet, a songwriter, and host Steve Heimel, apparently talking about the reality shows in Alaska, creativity, and community. Tune in, and call-in and give us your ten cents worth. Also, tonight is the Haines Friends of the Library membership meeting and slide show from amazing wildlife photographer (and inspiring Presbyterian pastor) Ron Horn. The meeting begins at 6:30, the slides at 7:00. There will be refreshments.




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