Bird Watching

 At Ron Horn's slide show at the library the other night he showed us beautiful photographs of birds and other wildlife. While the bears and moose where interesting, it's the bird pictures that captured me.  When Ron showed a slide of a seagull and chick that made them both look so lovely, and so dependent, in a mother and child way, he said something like "who knew a seagull could look so pretty." In the land of swans and eagles, the gull is a lowly bird. But there is something about the sounds of gulls flying over the shore that signals spring like nothing else. Thanks to Ron's photos, I'm hearing them with new ears. After the show, Ron said he has been getting care packages from a woman who visited Haines last summer, and was amazed to learn that  Ron Horn  the photographer was also the Ron Horn the Presbyterian Pastor. (There are links on the opposite page to both the church and Ron's website.) I don't think it's a coincidence that a person who preaches the gospel is able to reveal the divine in birds.  That he is a Presbyterian would no doubt make  Emily Dickinson smile. She is the poet who noted that watching birds closely is an economical pastime. "It saves going to heaven."

Also, if you haven't been to the library this week, remember your fines may be forgiven. (Although it might be nice to pay them anyway, as the library's budget may be cut by the borough assembly.) And if you have always wanted to write a book, now is your chance to begin. Add your sentence to the on-going story begun there on Monday. It's really fun to see what we all will come up with. In other news to please pastors, this Sunday is Palm Sunday, and the annual blessing of the fleet. How perfect that the women's choir will be singing Emily Dickinson's poem set to music "Hope" (is the thing with feathers that perches on the soul.) I'd love to put a photo of a bird here, but I haven't been able to snap one without a big blur. I guess that's best left to pastor-photographers like Ron.


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