Photos from the week & a calendar of events

Here are some photos of the week, including a history day project car wash, the blessing of the fleet, folding the hospice newsletter, a remembrance, out to dinner, and a sunset observed while vacuuming lice off the dog. Which just goes to show that there is always a choice about the way you see the world. A person can decide to focus on something small and awful, like a louse, or look up and see the surprise beauty of an April sunset. Especially during Holy Week, it's nice to know God has a sense of humor. Tonight there are Maundy Thursday services, in our church we get our feet washed by the priest, the same way Jesus washed the disciples' feet. Tomorrow is Good Friday and Sunday is Easter. (If you 'd like to help with the Emblem Club's children's Easter party on Saturday, they still need cup cakes for the cake walk. Drop them off at the Elks Saturday morning after ten.) If that all isn't plenty, the health fair is Saturday 8-11 at the school and you can get blood tests and learn all sorts of things about how to stay healthy, the Arts Council presents an incredible violin player and his trio, Gilles Apap, at 6:00pm Saturday night at the Chilkat Center, and the museum will have a children's Easter egg hunt with egg dying and basket making 2-4 Saturday afternoon. Tonight at 7pm, there will be another Community Matters discussion at the library focusing on local foods and communication. Also tomorrow at 3:30 at the school entry there will be outdoor games and activities for children in honor of Earth Day, sponsored by Living in the Forest.


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