Another Star is Born

 First we had White Fang, the movie that was filmed here twenty years ago, then last summer's hit TV show, Gold Rush Alaska (and rumor has it the Discovery Channel film crew will be back soon) and now we have hairdresser Maggie Stern! (Really, the Haines Visitor's Bureau needs to be promoting all of this more, how interesting are we?) Maggie was featured this weekend on the NPR news quiz show, "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." It was that segment where they read three crazy stories from the news, only one of which is true, and contestants have to guess which one. (I didn't hear it, as I was already inside the health fair, but my husband who drove a few minutes later, heard it on the car radio and told me all about it.) Maggie's story was the truly improbable winner (it was written by Tom Morphet and on  the front page of last week's Chilkat Valley News.) She fell ice skating about a year and a half ago, and hit her head in just the right (or wrong) spot to lose her sense of smell and taste. So, this spring she's been volunteering to scoop up a winter's worth of dog doo. Read it here, and if you are in Haines, thank Maggie with a spring hair cut at her Salon Down Under behind Haisler's Hardware, or maybe have her put some feathers in your hair, they are apparently all the rage. In other news, out-the road Hospice of Haines rummage gatherers may drop off nice rummage to donate to this weekend's sale at the Klehini Valley Fire Hall from 10-2 Tuesday. Dianne Nelson says, "No large items, but anything else goes--" except winter clothes,  Christmas decorations, most electronics, and only two boxes of clean clothes per household, okay?Also, I thought you might like to see for yourself what Nolan the Colon looks like. (He was the big attraction at the health fair.)




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