Hooligan Morning

It was a hooligan morning on the Chilkat side. The gulls woke us up at four a.m., calling out the open window. At Morning Muscles KC said that yesterday afternoon she took her daughter Sadie dip netting for the little fish, and was so grateful to live in such  a place where mothers and daughters can run down to a beach like this after school and have such an adventure. This morning, while he was walking his dog on the same beach, Johnny said, "we are livin' in bird paradise." There was some discussion about if the fish were hooligan or herring, but Johnny, a fisherman said hooligan. There was just too much bird action for it to be a typically smaller run of herring. He said they were early. Debra, who has spent all of her 59 years here, said not so. She said the last week in April is always hooligan time.  In other places spring is so visual- green grass, daffodils, cherry blossoms. Those will all come here, too, soon. But in Haines spring has feathers, and you can hear it in the cries of shorebirds, the hammering of sap suckers on tin roofs, the honk of the trumpeter swans, the whistle of the eagles as they line their nests and the distant hoo-hooing of hooters, hoping to fool a hunter and find themselves a mate instead of winding up in the stew pot.



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