A Hooligan Walk

I said I'd tell you about Ketchikan and I will, but first I have to make some coffee and eat my oatmeal and get over to Sarah's house to babysit Caroline. Fridays for the whole summer I am on Caroline duty while Sarah works at Lutak Lumber. I've been up a while, Chip hauled me out to ten-mile and back on the bike this morning, but there's a full day ahead what with the rummage sale drop off at the ANB/ANS Hall all day, and story-time at the library at 11, and a play-date with the twins at the park, and then I have the Big Brothers Big Sisters bowl-a-thon tonight, which all makes for a very busy (in a good way) time. Last night we cooked burgers outside and enjoyed the sunshine and hooligan run,  with all the sea lions and gulls, and even saw the first a mama bear and two cubs (with the binoculars, on the other side of the river) out on the beach. While Chip did the dishes, Forte and I took a short walk (he can't go too far.) I brought the camera so you could come along.



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