Shop Locally

 The new Dispatch column is up, and it is about the changing of the guard in the snow dragon. And, today is the last chance bazaar at the ANB Hall, borough clerk Julie Cozzi will be singing, and if you haven't heard her, you really should. She's a jazzy night club kind of singer. Also, there all kinds of holiday specials around town, and just about all the stores are open for Christmas shopping. There's 25% off at the Backcountry Outfitter, and buy one get one free coffee at the Rusty Compass. My daughters and I bought dish towels and saw the school superintendent there yesterday afternoon, and we talked about the upcoming basketball game and the team's chances, and the death of one of his relatives. And Svenson's gallery on Mud Bay Road is open.( We were there too, and John was giving a children's art class. Their parents were watching, so we talked with them about the radio fund-raising auction, and the weather and art and life.)
 Yesterday we also loaded up on Smart Wool socks at Olerud's (and Jeanette filled us in on her family, we talked to Stuart and Lexie about the upcoming basketball game, and with Jen about Morning Muscles and looked at the stuffed wild animals over in the sport shop and talked to Doug about avalanche probes). At the Babbling Book we bought a great wooden toy train set for a three year-old friend and some books, and Liz said her boys would be home soon. Chip and Christian picked up a mattress and box spring at Miles and brought it home safely just before the storm kicked in. They forgot the new mattress pad and Dennis drove over with it. While we made copies at Kings Store we saw Dr. Gregg, back from saving lives in Africa and printing his photos, and then had coffee and cocoa at Mt. Market --too many people to even name were there-- which, when you think about it, is why shopping locally is so much more fun than clicking a mouse. The weather outside was frightful, but the company inside was delightful. 


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