A Special Sauce

For Mother's Day my family washed the windows and put the screens in and JJ cooked dinner. She made  a seafood and vegetable pasta. JJ, unlike her mother, follows recipes. When Sarah, the baby, Brian, and their dog Madi arrived, Sarah said, "it smells great." Then she looked in the pot and asked what was in it. JJ said vegetables, salmon and clams. I looked up. Sarah smiled. "Clams? Why clams?" JJ said the recipe called for them."I'm  allergic to clams," Sarah said. "So am I," I said. "Funny," JJ said. She thought we were kidding. Sarah took a taste. "Nope. Can't eat it. My lips are tingling." Clams make me so violently ill that I backed up from the stove, laughing. Of course we assured JJ that it was fine, and that we moms weren't all that hungry, and there was salad and bread and cake. She said we could have noodles with parmesan. Then Sarah found some more veggies and improvised, and all was well. "Seriously?" JJ kept saying. "How could I not know you were allergic to clams?" I have been allergic to them my whole life. I told the story about the time I discovered it, camping on a remote island off Cape Cod as a child. I threw up in my sleeping bag and had to take a bath in the bay. Which just goes to show even the smartest kids don't know everything about their mothers. Wait until she finds out about the tattoo.


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