A Little Business

The good news is that the paperback of Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs is a hit, and has made the Indie bookstores national bestseller list, (#39 this week) and the Pacific Northwest booksellers bestseller list. (#13.) But, you may have heard on the radio that Amazon is now selling more Kindle books than print volumes. I'm still not sure what to think about this, except that I love bookstores and real books, so please buy your books at an independent bookstore. BUT if you do have a Kindle, both of mine are now available there. I have also learned that many independent bookstores use the customer reviews on Amazon to help select books they sell, so if the spirit moves you to say something nice about mine, that would be great. I apologize if this is all a wee- bit self-serving, but this is apparently the way of the world these days, and I figure if books like mine remain available and popular, that bodes well for all hopeful writers out here in the bushes, away from all the buzz-making book-world hype, right? I have also been checking other blogs, and think I'll start adding some recipes. They seem to be popular. Tomorrow: coffee. (Might as well start at the beginning and work our way up through the day.) I'm off to babysit the grand daughter for the day, we have story-time at the library at 11 and nap time at 1pm. A perfectly busy day. 



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