It's Beer & Salmon Weekend in Alaska

Everywhere else is in the country this is Memorial Day Weekend, but here in Haines it is beer and salmon weekend. (We need to come up with a catchy name to market all of this. It slipped through the cracks. This is what happens when for 100 years you've had a town name that almost rhymes with plain.) The 19th annual Great Alaska Craft Beer and Homebrew Festival begins with a sold out beer tasting dinner Friday night,  continues with the Slammin' Salmon Fun Run (5K walk or run, 10K run) Saturday morning at 9am at the Fairgrounds and then everyone drinks beer all afternoon from 1-5 at the Fairgrounds and goes out dancing at the downtown bars afterwards. This is also the first weekend of the annual Haines King Salmon Derby. It begins Saturday morning, runs through Monday and continues again next weekend. Oh, and Memorial Day? The American Legion will hold a service at 11am at the Haines cemetery and another one at 1pm in Klukwan at the veteran's memorial. The first cruise ship of the season has docked this morning. It's too bad that it's raining a bit, but there is lots of wildlife to see, from the moose cow with twins downtown, to the bear cub and dead killer whale at Lutak. (It's a baby, and it washed up on the beach, they are trying to figure out what happened, so don't poke around it too much.) There is also a fun new Haines blog, written by Holly Jo Parnell who will keep you up to date on all things tourist-y around here.  As for me, I'm brushing up on beer jokes for the beer festival dinner, which somehow I have ended up being the emcee for,  so if you have any, please send them my way, and I'm waiting for chickens and my son. (The chickens were supposed to be here on the 15th, but were back ordered. My son is driving home from Colorado and was in Bellingham yesterday.) The coop is ready for the chicks, but I still have to stock the fridge for the boy. (And everyone else. All five of my children will be home this weekend for the first time since Christmas.)



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