The News from Small-town Alaska reaches...Florida?

 I had a nice email this morning from a woman in Florida who has read my books and now reads the Chilkat Valley News and recently blogged about us-- here is the link, and a picture of  the now famous Pilot Paul himself. (And his really cool red plane. On an April flight from Haines to Juneau.) 





Here is the bonus for anyone who scrolled down this far. The flight with Paul was the first leg of a trip to Ketchikan. In Juneau, I caught an Alaska Airlines jet to Alaska's gateway city, the origin of the famous "bridge to nowhere." Actually, it would be a bridge from the airport island to the little city you can see from there, but not drive to,  full of salmon, coffee, and interesting, creative and capable people from young artists to old loggers. I am not a fan of the bridge, mainly because I love the alternative, a boat ride across the channel in a skiff with a captain named Bullet. (Note the placement of the luggage...)

To be fair, there is another, more conventional way to get from the airport to town, a little ferry that also holds cars. 



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