Spring is Busting Out All Over

 It is like there has been a good kind of explosion around here, spring is busting out all over. All five kids are home, which means so many dishes,  the fruit bowl is empty, and so many big people, so much noise and the best kind of mess on the porch and in the living room. If that weren't enough, the lettuce and peas are poking up out of the garden, the cherries are blooming, there are tiny green tomatoes in the greenhouse,  and  eight new English Sussex speckled chicks are peeping out in the coop with their guard bunny, Prince Harry, hiding in the straw nearby. I have had a bunny instead of a rooster before, kind of by accident. Then, the house bunny Charlie (he was litter box trained) spent a spring in the coop keeping the one hen who survived a rough winter (not weather, bad dogs, but that's another story) company. When that spring's new chicks arrived they bonded with Charlie, and so he stayed with them for three years until  a really bad dog got him, but that terribly sad story is in the Garden and Dogs book so I won't repeat it. Charlie behaved like a rooster, only quieter and nicer. So, when we got this spring's batch of hens, I ordered a baby bunny to keep them company. I kept him in a wire box in the coop for a few days, to get them all used to each other,  and then let him out yesterday with supervision. So far, so good. Harry is happy and the chicks are happy, and I am  happily amazed that such small critters can make such a big impact on my life.  Like I said, spring is busting out all over.



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