Mixing it up in Haines with Keller Williams

Went to the Keller Williams concert last night at the Chilkat Center. He looked about 25, wore khaki pants, a polo shirt, and bare feet, and danced and sang around the stage with a mop of brown hair in his eyes having a grand time. One song had lyrics that included the phrases "perpendicular teeth", "deliver the kidney," and "double-decker double-wide," and it made me laugh out loud.  He made noises like a trumpet, and played a variety of instruments all connected to a computer of some sort which he used to record what he had just performed or voiced, then looped it as his own back up, so that he basically built a band out of the air for each song. This was really, really engaging to watch. The scene down in the seats of the art center was not as much fun to witness, at least for those of us used to actually listening to music. A big crowd of hard-partying summer workers from Skagway rode the water taxi down Taiya Inlet and across Lynn Canal and took charge. They talked loudly, yelled, danced in the aisles, and in general treated the theater more like a crowded college bar than a concert hall. It's interesting how unaware they were of anyone else's  enjoyment of the event. Maybe this is what the pundits mean by the "me generation."  Over coffee in the kitchen this morning, my 22 year-old son who was at the show, said that's how Keller's concerts and ones like them all are. He said that Keller (who went to college with a guy from Haines, and came for a visit and did the show) is part of  a jam band scene that dates back to the Grateful Dead's touring shows. My fifty-something husband, who is on the arts council which sponsored the event, said he had been to a Grateful Dead concert when he was a kid. "Was it like that?" I asked. "I don't remember," he laughed, which I think surprised our son. The radio was on and there was a local news story about a recent survey of our community. Everyone is apparently very happy living here, and even our high school students say they want to stay in Haines when they grow up. Maybe that's because of events like last night's. It is good to mix things up so we don't get too stuck in our old ways. I have been happily married for 29 years and I didn't know my husband had been to a Grateful Dead concert. On a warm summer morning following a Keller Williams show, drinking coffee in the kitchen with our son, that was a pleasant surprise.

From a walk on the beach after I left the show (I didn't last for the whole thing) around 10:30 pm.


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