A Brush With the Palin Emails in Juneau

At 5:30 AM, on our way to the airport, (I'm off to Homer), we were the only car on the narrow downtown Juneau street near the state capital building, when a man flagged us down. He wanted to know if he could ask us a few questions. He said he was a reporter from a newspaper back east. "Oh," I said. "The emails." And he laughed. (They are releasing something like 24,000 of the half-governor's electronic notes in Juneau today.) So we chatted, for a minute, reluctantly, as any mention seems to fuel the  celebrity fire of  you-know-who, and like most Alaskans, we've had enough. And truthfully, the emails will probably be a wash.  Fans will remain fans, and those as unimpressed with her intelligence and fitness to serve her country, as Lady Thatcher (I believe her spokesman called Palin "nuts") will no doubt be even more convinced of that. Afterward, Eliza and I marveled at the attention the woman from Wasilla still gets. Although Eliza did say that she was past caring what the half-governor does. She doesn't have a TV or watch American Idol, either.

Then, just as I was mulling all of this over, I stepped in the TSA line at the airport behind about twenty members of a Special Olympics team headed for a track meet in Anchorage. They all wore team jackets and t-shirts. I usually dread these airport lines and all the undressing and scanning and the little bit of fear and embarrassment they bring. But suddenly no one was in a hurry, everyone was smiling and slowed way down. The TSA screeners were super polite and helpful. We all shepherded the team through the line. I wished the reporter had seen that. It was a moment more Alaskan than the half-gov or igloos. It also explains why he'll have a hard time finding pithy, mean statements about her. We are nice folks, and when we don't have something good to say, (we mostly) don't say anything at all.


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