Something Funny

I was in a coffee shop cabin (it was made of logs, very small, maybe 10X12, with a lot of varnish, halogen lighting and a pretty barista behind a chrome and enamel espresso console that looked a restored car) anyway, there was a scruffy-ish pilot from one of the bear viewing air services flirting with the girl when I stepped inside. Pre-coffee I can't think very fast and am kind of quiet. I'm not sure what was said first, but when I told him I was going on a cruise of Kachemak Bay, " A short one, two or three hours." He said, "that's what Gilligan thought. Better pack a sequined dress." I think we would have plenty of entertainment without it. Have you seen the list of authors, editors and agents here in Homer with me? Rita Dove, Brenda Miller, Hannah Tinti, Anne Coray, LeAnne Howe, Eva Saulitis, Frank Soos, Sherry Simpson, Peggy Shumaker, Matt Roesch, Nickole Brown, Mike Burwell, Rich Chiappone, Nancy Lord, Chris Calhoun, Elizabeth Lyon, Rigoberto Gonzalez- and dozens more attending the workshops. I should have told him we'd have lots to talk about around the fire, but, like I said, I hadn't had my coffee yet.




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