Welcome Happy Morning

Of course my camera battery was dead, so you can't see we women of Morning Muscles class all stretching and bending on our yoga mats in a circle in the sun at the end of the cruise ship dock. ( I was pretty proud of myself for remembering the camera and waking up on time, to tell you the truth.) Marnie wanted to be outside on this perfect summer morning, so we all trotted down to the dock from the Chilkat Center for the Arts. We avoided the big nail heads on the weathered planks as we laid out our mats, and the gals with sunglasses faced the water, while the rest of us looked back at Fort Seward and the mountains beyond. It was quiet, without our usual Indigo Girls, James Taylor, Jack Johnson soundtrack. The dock floats creaked, the waves lapped, terns scolded us. It smelled like lowtide, fuel, and creosote. During the lunges across the dock, there was whispering. "I'll bring cookies," one woman said. "Was that you who called about the library bake sale on the 4th of July?" Another said. "I can bake too," a third voice said. "Does it have to be cookies?" Another asked. But then Marnie, our leader, had us switch from lunges to squats and the talking stopped. A few minutes before 7:00, we did our sun salutations to the real morning sun, rolled up our mats and walked back up the hill talking about all kinds of things, and nothing special, prepared for a day at the office or the clinic, tending children at the daycare, waitressing, gardening, working in a shop, cleaning people's teeth, hiking the hills, caring for the sick and elderly, smoking salmon, writing a few good words, giving a tour, perhaps painting a picture or a door, and maybe even baking some cookies to suprise the kids-- you know-- all the good work we women do on a summer day. 


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