Checking in on a Busy Holiday Weekend

I probably shouldn't have breakfast this morning since I'll be eating Fireman Al's Texas barbecue for lunch with everyone else in town down at the firehall. It's the Haines Volunteer Fire Department's annual fundraiser. Before that there's the farmers market at the fairgrounds and afterwards the Mad Raft race down the Chilkoot. The 4th festivities are stretched out over three days this year. Some of the kids are over in Skagway playing softball but will return later today and tomorrow, and Papa Bob is here and wants to spend the week  hiking and eating a lot of salmon. In the mean time, a little drizzle has damped his plans for a glacier flightseeing tour and sun bathing on the beach, but hopefully the skies will clear. (Then again, his skin cancer could use the shade.) I may get him to help me work the brisket off this afternoon. My friend Roger gave me a dump truck load of gravel for my birthday to spread on my garden paths. (I know, how great is it to have a friend with dump trucks and gravel and a 78 year-old dad who can shovel it?) 


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