Real News

While Chilkat Valley News editor Tom Morphet pedals through europe this summer ( he was just in Champagne drinking champagne) the women running the paper are shaking things up media-wise. They have re-booted the facebook page and are blogging breaking news at the CVN website. This week they have a real scoop- there's a move to recall the borough assembly.  This is practically a Haines tradition. Although it usually happens at the tail end of winter, say March, when Morphet likes to say cabin fever becomes "shack nasty." It is, I think, a sign of our shifting seasonal economy  that this one is in July. I suppose it has to be since the signatures needed for the petition would be harder to get in the winter when so many grumps are sunning down south. In better news, the paper is also reporting on a new study that says Haines women are exceptional. (We need a study for that?) Also, if you haven't picked up the fair booklet you should, it's right around the corner and last year the crops, flowers, baked goods, and canned goods were a little thin, so let's put more stuff in. It's not just about the ribbons, it is fun to see all the things we do so well around here. If anyone would like to bake for the Hospice of Haines "Desserts to Die for" booth (that's a joke, sort of. A little levity helps the good work) please contact Beth or Nancy or me. (You may get a call this week about it, too.)


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