Not so Lazy Days of Summer

 I'd tell you all kinds of things if it would just rain. We haven't had any all summer, which means I am so busy watering the garden every morning that I don't seem to have desk time. We didn't even ride the bikes today because last night we fished the river by Klukwan until nearly midnight and now I have seventeen sockeye to brine and get ready for the smokehouse. I could live blog the Tour de France too (but I won't)-- Chip got up at 4:30 to watch it and scare the crows out of my strawberries. He's doing a fine job-

Now, I have to get to that fish and babysit Caroline, she doesn't know it but she will be helping me today.  Remember today is the day to enter baked goods and preserves and all non-garden stuff at the fair, and the kids are performing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight and tomorrow at the Chilkat Center. Also you only have about week to declare your candidacy for the borough assembly or school board. Finally, I'll leave you with a few pics from last night.



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