A Change in the Weather

 The change in the weather, it is cooler, windy and gray now- and may rain a little, has also brought a change in the mood around here. That, and the tragic death of just about everyone's friend Kevery, who shot himself Monday night. It is an obituary I don't want to write today. (I wish there was an easier way to say that, but there just isn't. It is so awful I can't stand it.) Thinking about that made me ride my bike harder this morning. I was pedaling along with my head down and would have missed the forest fire up on the mountain at 7 mile if Jim hadn't slowed his car and flagged Chip and I down. Later, we saw a helicopter dumping big buckets of water on it. Then, at ten mile, Mr. Jenson was parked with a spotting scope watching a sow and a cub, fairly close to the road we just pedaled by on, in the creek. We had planned to turn around there, and Chip said it was no problem to pedal past them, even though they had crossed the creek and were in the brush on the roadside now. Mr. Jensen said he had a "weapon." (Which he pronounced weep-on.) I thought about those kids near Talkeetna that ran into a sow and cub and what damage they had suffered in a matter of minutes and told Chip I wasn't heading back through the bear zone. Mr. Jensen said he'd escort us, driving his truck between our bikes and the bears. I gratefully accepted his offer. I don't want to die this week, or next week for that matter. One thing about writing obituaries, they make you really, really want to live. Today, before doing that obituary, I'm entering some fruit and vegetables from my garden in the fair. They have to be in by 1:00. After I turn the obituary in, I'm baking a cake for the Hospice of Haines dessert booth. Maybe we'll take Grandma Joanne (my mother-in-law arrived yesterday for the a month) and the kids to the Fireweed for pizza tonight. Is this what people mean when they say 'life goes on' ? 


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