Fire and Rain

 It is 52 degrees and raining, and I'd like a fire. I think that's reasonable. My husband says it's still summer and not cold enough to start burning the wood he's just finished stacking in the shed for the winter. I understand, I really do, as I'm a tad possessive about my jars of smoked salmon and jam. I want to look at them in the pantry for a little while before we start eating them. They are for the winter. It's silly, I know, and probably comes from sort of primeval survival instincts. But we are not cave dwellers. We actually have a very comfortable house. (Especially when it's warmer than the cold wet beach outside.) Sometimes, make that always, a happy home requires some giving and some taking. Which is why there's a fire in the stove and fresh jam on the toast.

In other news, the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation offers a day of estate planning with an Anchorage expert tomorrow beginning with a planned giving workshop for non-profits at the library from 10:45-11:45, and followed by more personal planning for things like wills and protecting your assets for family, from 2-3 at the senior center and 7-8 at the library. The Hospice Grief Support Group is open for registration. It meets Monday evenings 6:30-8:30 from Sept. 5- October 10 and is for anyone who is grieving over the loss of a loved one through death.Pre-registration is required as no walk-ins are allowed. Please call the Hospice office at 766-3645 or facilitator Liz Marantz-Falvey at 303-7036 for the details. On a lighter note, there's an Open Mic night at the Fireweed Weds., there's choir practice again Thursday night at the museum, and this Friday and Saturday from 10-2 is the scrap metal drive at the recycling center. Stoves and washers and dryers have a dismantling fee, and the broken fridge will cost you 50 dollars to remove the refrigerant. Scraps need to be small enough to bale, so no bigger than 30X48 inches. Call Melissa at 766-2185 if you have questions about what you can recycle. Finally, in what is a first for Haines, a mayoral candidate, my friend Stephanie Scott, has begun a blog about local issues relating to the election. Check it out, no matter who you think you support, because it is a good read, and a great opportunity to learn more about local issues and to interact with a candidate. Go ahead, ask her about what's important to you and see what she says. 


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