Strolling Through August

 The rain it seems makes us all a bit more social. There were more people in church on Sunday, everyone was on time for a birthday brunch and stayed late, the same with Lexie's baby shower. That's three indoor events in one day, back to back, which I know I would have ducked out of all or part of, had the the sun been shining. This time of year there is less urgency about gardening and exercise. It has been an active summer, and to tell you the truth, I'm a little tired. Yesterday evening I went for a walk before dinner, since the rain had stopped and I'd been sitting at my desk much of the morning with a couple of obituaries, a Woman's Day column and some other stuff, and had been out to lunch with Grandma Joanne and Stoli, we had Thai food at the bakery and that required a little nap afterward, and then I sat typing some more. I started to march a bit, like I do, but ran into a friend I haven't had the chance to visit with in weeks, and strolled to the post office with her. Then we went up and around the Fort, but part way ran into two guys looking for a coat hanger because they locked the keys in their truck. We suggested the lodge we were standing next to, but they said they only had plastic ones. "The hotel?" We pointed to the nearby sign. Our lumberyard was still open for another 15 minutes so they went there instead, and we kept walking and mostly talking, about local politics, the alcohol and teen problem,  the silly recall, recent obituaries, the mayoral election, the tourism tax money, hiking on Mt. Ripinksy, the weather, families, children, marriage, and dogs. Nothing and everything. Then she went to a meeting and I headed home. Before I got there I visited with my neighbors for about fifteen minutes, talking salmon and seiners, chickens, towing a broken down truck down from Canada, and dogs who may or may not catch squirrels. Their spaniel was still as a statue, at full attention, seated, head up, staring at squirrels chittering high in the spruce trees. I don't think he moved the whole time we talked. So, my walk took about 45 minutes longer than I had expected. I was late for making dinner. But the sky cleared and my mother-in-law and husband were on the porch having a drink when I got back, the kids had gone out with friends, so it all worked out. I think all the visiting was more beneficial to my health than the walk was.  It was nice to have the kind of workout  you wear boots for instead of running shoes. It was also nice to walk up and down those hills instead of pedaling my bike at heart hammering speed. (Although I will be ready for a long ride again tomorrow.)


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