Thank You Sticky-Notes

My friend Nancy makes her own cards for birthdays, baby showers, thank yous -  you name it, but she doesn't write in them. Instead she uses sticky-notes so that the card itself becomes a gift. The thing is, the sentiments on those sticky-notes are also a present. Nancy is very good at letting people know how much they mean to her, which is a great fall resolution. Maybe it's because I've had all these obituaries to write lately, but it seems more important than ever to be sure the people you care about know it, you know? 

In other not-really-news, there is a fund raising dinner at the high school tonight to send Mario Benassi to Alaska's Got Talent at the Palmer Fair, the scrap metal drive is this weekend at the re-cycling center, there's a Farmer's Market tomorrow at the Fairgrounds, there are bears in the neighborhood so be sure to hook up the electric fences and lock the trash in the shed, and it is supposed to really rain tonight and tomorrow, so check the culverts if you are prone to flooding.


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