A Change of Season Post Card

 I have been hunkered down with my novel revisions this week. I love to say that, and it is actually true. They are due the week after Labor Day and I might just make the deadline if nobody else dies, so pray for good health and good choices in Haines and Klukwan. I'm off to Anchorage for a weekend with JJ and a visit to the State Fair in Palmer and Prairie Home Companion, which is being recorded live from the fair on Sunday. I can't wait. In the meantime, here's a change of seasons post card. School has begun, the stove is lit, the garden is holding on, the bears are out, there are more humpies than sockeye, it's raining, and Chip is setting up the moose hunting stand while I'm gone. It must be fall.

(You can't see this as well as I'd hoped, but it is a bear print in the sand near my garden path. He walked through the yard. Which means the chickens can't come out and the electric fence is on.)


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