Ice Report

There is hard, green, smooth ice on Chilkoot Lake. The only trouble is that it is way out, farther than you think, which is a challenge with children. There's a good mile, or maybe more, of bumpy white ice, it is skate-able, but makes your teeth chatter. Yesterday, on our way back, we visited Scott and Julie who had stopped with their little ones for a picnic before continuing toward the good ice. They had a sled, cocoa, snacks, a tarp, and even a bicycle for their second grader to ride. The Chapells used kick sleds to get their kids out to the good ice.( I would think chemical hand and foot warmers would be a must as well.) It was very cold, my feet never warmed up ( it didn't bother me,  but that is a sign that is near zero, or below.) As always, if you do go, be wary of thin ice. I wasn't the only one with a rope and life saving equipment, and we all stayed on the same side of the lake, following each other's tracks.
When the the rough ice finally switched to smooth dark green, it felt as if I had glided over the edge of a cliff and was flying. Like the bottom had gone out underneath me. It was scary and thrilling and fun. Also, that clear ice was littered with tiny white ice crystal feathers that grew as we skated closer to the intake at the far end. At first it looked like the angels over Chilkoot had been in a pillow fight, but then it looked like someone had tossed peonies, baskets of them, while they skated ahead of us.
Everyone drove to the lake, which helps. On my own,  I wouldn't have done it, but Chip said it was no problem for his truck. On the way home we met another rig on the ice & snow rut track and had to back up to the landing to let them pass.


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