Thank Goodness Someone in our Family is at Work

Leslie got the idea for the community garden Labor Day weekend picnic from Martha Stewart (the domestic arts diva, not the Haines river boat guide and restaurant owner.) "At Martha's picnic everyone was in sleeveless dresses," Leslie said on Saturday as  we watched the rain sweep off the metal pavilion roof at the fair grounds during the last, gusty cold farmer's market of the season. But Leslie was undaunted, positive, chipper even. She said she'd be making hot drinks and a warm casserole and promised to send Martha a photo of everyone standing around in rubber boots and rain gear to thank her for the great idea. As for today marking the end of summer, that was actually a few weeks ago. Last night we had deer stew inside by a warm fire  instead of burgers on the beach, and tonight Stoli is making moose lasagna. (We need to finish last year's meat before we start hunting again on September 15.) I will say that my garden potatoes and carrots made the stew so much better, and the greenhouse basil,oregano, thyme, and rosemary will spice up the lasagna. There's the added comfort of knowing that  no animals were harmed in their harvest.  (If you don't count harsh words aimed at a digging terrier and pebbles flung in the direction of the crows and squirrels.) Now, if only those hens will lay just one egg. We are out again and one of the kids just ran to the market to buy some. Thank goodness someone in our family really works for a living. (And he is at work even on Labor Day.)





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