Prayer and Paws

Just when you think there is no news, the governor comes to church and a bear comes for coffee. Stoli was at the Presbyterian Church Sunday with Governor and Mrs. Parnell, but she didn't think it was newsworthy, and didn't tell us until we heard about it and then asked if anyone special had been there. She said they didn't introduce themselves the way Grandma Joanne did, and that they sat in the back near her and stayed to chat with everyone afterward. Isn't it nice to have a governor who doesn't sign autographs? Also, with the hints I dropped last week about pets in the library, I heard that librarian Barb Blood does not approve of  animals indoors. So she must have been really upset when the bear dropped by her house for a visit. (He'd tapped on neighbor JR's windows and doors before he arrived, but JR's a bachelor and Barb probably had some of her ginger cookies cooling on the counter.) We can only imagine the scene as  she and her husband went out one door and the bear came in the other. (The bear, I heard, was between the hunter and his rifles.) In the old library we had two big Brown Bear rugs in the children's area. My children grew up listening to stories while sitting on them. They were ratty and nearly hairless by the time the new library was done, so they didn't make the move. I kind of miss them, in an old Alaska way they were almost cozy. Maybe Barb will agree to make a rug out of her house guest. (The police dispatched him. They had no choice.) That may be one animal Barb would like to see in the library. Then again, maybe not. 




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