Zen Golf

I took a golf lesson yesterday afternoon. It was my summer resolution to learn to play, but as usual I'm a little behind in my personal life. I'm a little ahead, writing wise, and was struggling some with a column for the December issue of Woman's Day. I should have worked on it more last week when at least it was snowing on the mountains and we had all that rain. But on a blue bird last cruise ship of the season day like yesterday, it seemed a good idea to go golfing.  Presidents do it, why not me? "Wear your boots," Kathy, who with her husband Stan (formerly known as Dr. Jones) owns the course, said. It was a little wet, but Andrew, my teacher, let me use a tee. He told me to keep my eye on the ball, that my back swing and front swing should be the same, to lean into it rather than back away, and not to try so hard. "Let the club do its job." When I hit the ball the best, I didn't even feel it, that's how easy it was. I thought I was doing pretty well at the driving range, but then we played a hole. It was a par five, I figured I could shoot an eight. Ten whacks later I was on the green.  I asked Andrew why it was so much harder on the course than on the practice field? "Because you are trying too hard to get to the green rather than just hitting the ball." Then I swung and the ball flew up in one of those magical, I didn't feel it, shots. Andrew smiled and said that ought to keep me coming back for more. "It's just like a day like today," he said looking at the blue sky and the white clouds scudding over the river. "It makes all that rain worth it."  Andrew's pretty smart. Think about it-- his advice contained a lot more wisdom than a simple golf lesson. In all ways I need to keep my eye on the ball, to lean into life rather than pull back, to make sure my follow through matches the enthusiasm of the intial effort, and to not try so hard to make things go the way I want them too, rather, learn to trust that everything will work out fine in the end. 

In other news, there is a puppet show in the school library today at 4:00pm featuring puppets Leigh Horner and the elementary students made with puppet masters Merrick, Coral, and Joey's help.There is a home cross-country meet tomorrow at 2pm at the fairgrounds, the race will start and finish at Dalton City. The girls race first, then the boys. Get there early to find a good place to watch. This is also the Klondike Road Relay weekend. The 110 mile race begins in Skagway tomorrow evening and finishes in Whitehorse Saturday around noon.





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