School Days

I wish I had the camera with me when I pedaled by three young children waiting for the school bus this morning so you could have seen them, too. The little girl especially, with her braids and sturdy backpack, looked so eager, so wide awake and freshly scrubbed, so ready, so proud to be prepared for a day of learning and play, with her lunch all made and her supplies all organized. Chip has that same look when he goes hunting, except his pack is camo, not pink. Right now he's doing his last minute homework, making lists and checking them three times. He's cleaned the freezer and set the tent up in the yard, and the camp cot, which he put inside to make sure it fits. He thinks two will squeeze in, and since the forecast calls for rain for the opening days of moose season (it begins Thursday) and since we will be in a swamp, it will be nice to be off the ground. This morning he looked at that list again and said, "we need to make a stew and some spaghetti sauce." We would be Me. I'm happy to. It's nice to be prepared. I think I'll lay out my clothes too, and today I'm getting new shoes (hip boots). I can't wait to head up the river with my hair in braids and pack all organized for my first day of moose school. Wouldn't it be nice if this sheets-in-the-breeze weather holds? Maybe the forecast is wrong.  Is that too much to ask?



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