Moose and Meetings

 "I stole your double-boiler" Chip said as he stuffed one more thing into the plastic bins and dry bags piled up in the hall. I have packed the cooler. The boys are heading up the river to moose camp this afternoon, I'll get to go for the weekend. In much more exciting news, Lexie and Stuart DeWitt are at the hospital in Sitka and the baby is on the way. A perfect gift may be to get their name on the pre-school waiting list, since both are all full and if this baby boom keeps up, may be for a long time. Also, Ron and Jacque Horn are grandparents again, their daughter Heather had Livia Grace in Seattle yesterday, and all are well.  If you won't be out stalking the elusive moose, on Thursday (tomorrow) from 5-7 my friends assembly candidate Debra Schnabel and mayoral candidate Stephanie Scott will be at the Mosquito Lake school answering questions. I think you'll like what they have to say as much as I do. Friday, please stop by the library at 2pm for a tribute to longtime librarian Ellen Borders. There will be stories, refreshments and the unveiling of new artwork in her memory. On Saturday the watershed council is picking up area beaches as part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Clean-up. Meet at 10am at the watershed council office, that's upstairs at the Rusty Compass on Main Street.   Next Saturday Susan Bell, our own former tourism director and founder of the Kluane to Chilkat International Bike Race, and a regular Buckwheat Ski Classic and Klondike Road Relay participant, avid Sayulita snorkeler, and all around wonderful person, will be speaking at the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner. (Susan is also Commissioner of the State Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development and co-chair of the Denali Commission.) Reservations are required, call 766-2202. If that isn't enough, if I were you I'd go out to eat before it's too late. Mosey's last night is Saturday, and the Fireweed has one more week.



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