Happy Thursday

 It sounded like someone was spraying our house with a fire hose last night-- wind and rain to "beat the band", as Chip would say. The fishermen came in, thank goodness, although the one at our dinner table shrugged and said, "It wasn't too bad." He was happy that there were more fish than the last few weeks. Also, a correction on the new DeWitt baby-- his name is Charlie Steven not Charles. So little Charlie it is, and the family is all home and cozy out by the cannery. Although it must have been a breezy night. A tree (or two) may be down near you. My neighbor lost one last night, but she said, "It was one we had planned on cutting down anyway." Which was handy. It also didn't land on the house or car. I hope our moose camp hasn't floated or blown away, we are heading back up for the weekend. Yesterday our friend John Katzeek came by for coffee and said the river is really high.Then at ten the vote NO on the recall committee met at our house, and the good news is that all of the current assembly-- Jerry Lapp, Scott Rossman, Steve Vick, Joanne Waterman and Daymond Hoffman oppose the recall, and so do candidates Stephanie Scott, Debra Schnabel, Norm Smith, John Brower and Jerry Lapp. We are pleased that the support for a no vote on the recall is so broad. Jerry Erny is for it, Karen Hess said it was a private matter and she'd rather not comment, and we haven't heard back from Mayor Hill yet.) Pastor Ron Horn came by after lunch yesterday and gave me a photo lesson, so my pictures should be better, soon. As Ron was leaving Julie Folta dropped in to pick up some goat meat and a hide. She's teaching the third graders about mountain goats this week, and is going to cook some up for them. (I know, there was a lot of coming and going  yesterday.) I need to get back to work today if I'm going to walk with moose again tomorrow. But if you are going to be in town this weekend, Susan Bell is speaking at the chamber of commerce dinner, and the volleyball team has home games ( check with the school on the schedule, it may be a bit fluid.) Also, it might be a good weekend to read (or re-read) The Good Earth so you can join the library book club on Oct. 1 to discuss it. 



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