Haines Politics at our Best

I have been so heartened by the response to the vote No on the recall campaign. It is so nice to see all the No recall buttons, posters, and letters in the paper. The high fives and thumbs up are appreciated as well. I was reluctant to get involved, because when you do you get shelled by the grumpy old guys who are sure the sky is falling-- I've lived here long enough to have to duck a few times- but luckily I'm still standing and honestly so grateful to live in this place with such wonderful people in it that I am puzzled by the doomsday criers. At the very least this is terrible for business. Who would want to vacation in a place as awful as the one they think we live in? The only thing I agree with them on is that this election is really important, maybe the most important one in years, in that it says who we are. Mean spirited and partisan, or positive and compromising? Government about who gets the goods, or the common good? The latest survey shows that 70 percent of us are very happy with our lives here. I'm in that majority, and the hundreds of No recall voters from outgoing assembly member Scott Rossman to candidates Jerry Lapp, Debra Schnabel, Norm Smith, John Brower and Stephanie Scott, are too. Please support them. Lucky us to live in such a place with such good people in it. 

Also, congratulations to Zayla and Quinn Asquith-Heinz on their second and third place runs at the regional cross-country meet in Ketchikan, and to Corey Piper and Marnie Rasmussen for top fifteen finishes. All will be heading to the state meet in Anchorage this weekend with coach Liam Cassidy. Greg Podsiki says to stop by the Alaska Side for great going out of business deals.  The Lost Coast Surf Shop has a sale this weekend, too. If you haven't stopped by Kings Store lately, do. The art supplies are on sale, and their local picture 2012 calendar is ready. (If you are hunting, the small personal item size dry bags at Olerud's and Smartwool socks are a must.) Lynn Canal Community Players are having a play reading party Friday at 7pm at the museum, call Annette at 766-2708 for details. There's a hoedown at the fair Saturday night with Sweet Sunny North and caller Gene Kennedy. It's a fundraiser for the Sheldon Museum and begins at 7:30. Nene the vet will be in Haines Oct.3-7, call Lori at 766-2827 for appointments. And believe it or not, you may want to reserve your table for the Women's Club Nov. 19 bazaar now. Call Georgia at 766-2652. Finally, the moose hunt continues...



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