Lovely Rita Mamba Muscles Maid

If you weren't up at six this morning you really missed quite a show. We fairly older and conservative (in motion anyway) Morning Muscles women began our workout with the Mexican Jumping Bean Dance. (Yes, it looks like it sounds, only with a lot more wiggle.) Marnie the marathon running physical therapist is away, and Rita with the blue streaked hair, wrists wrapped in bracelets, and flashing silver peace sign necklace is our temporary leader. She has the intentionally happy vibe of a combat veteran who survived war, which is what she is. (She's a river guide now, and told the paper last year she came to Alaska to seek some healing and solitude in our quiet wilderness. She runs for miles on mountain trails.) Anyway, this morning Rita smiled and hipped and hopped us through the class that was sort of like dancing, and also like a feminine version of boot camp. We did a lot of push-ups and a lot of sit-ups, and as one school teacher said, enough arm weights that we will all be drinking coffee from a straw today because we can't lift the cup. When we were done, before we could thank her, Rita thanked us for coming, and said she enjoyed meeting women who she knew she should know, but hadn't been in town long enough to place all our names to our faces. "Now I'll know who you are at Mt. Market," she said brightly. This is what I love about this small town. In another place I may never ever have met anyone like Rita. I know she has suffered more and seen more terrible things than I ever will, and yet, she is up at six on a dark, rainy September morning, dancing and smiling and urging us to join her. "It makes you happy doesn't it?" She said of the wild music and motion as she kicked and shimmied.  Yes Rita, it does. Thank you for reminding us how lucky we are, and thank you for asking us to dance with you.




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