Good Tidings

When the sun came out yesterday afternoon and I had a few hours between obligations, I figured it was a sign to head to the golf course and hit a few balls, and maybe even try to play a little. (I haven't actually played more than one hole yet. I'm still learning how to hit and putt.)  I hadn't figured on the 20 foot tide.

Just about the entire course was under water. The pro said it would be better when the tide went out around 4:30, but to definitely wear my rubber boots. He did direct me to the one hole still partly above the flood and said I could shag some balls there. In other news, there's a party for supporters of mayoral candidate Stephanie Scott from 5-7 at the Chilkat Center, which I'm going to, and then at 7 tonight there's a play reading party at the Sheldon Museum. Today is my day with Caroline so we'll be at story time at the library at 11. I loved how last Friday the Chamber of Commerce election forum was happening at the library just as we wound up story time singing, "The more we get together the happier we'll be..."  Maybe the borough assembly should invite Holly and ukulele to begin all their meetings with a song.


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